Grass Update:

Many areas in Grand Palms, including Wilshire, has grass Fungus and are undergoing treatment by Power X. The grass is showing improvement and is being monitored by Garden Services, Power X, and in coordination with the Irrigation system. Andrea from Miami Management is also aware. Additional spraying may be necessary, and the high temperature will help to kill the fungus.

7 thoughts on “Grass Update:

  1. Peter Betancourt

    Thank you for the update and thank you for the opportunity for Wilshire residents to stay in communication and up to date with the Wilshire community information.

  2. Rosaly Buchalter

    Sergio you have done a wonderful job with the website. I so enjoy all pictures added. The one of the front of Wilshire will make everyone want to live here. Thanks for looking after our grass situation. With the above help it should get under control.


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