Grand Palms HOA Directors Meeting Report Feb 17, 2021

The back entrance gate is in the final stages. Electric is being connected to the gates. After city inspection, the road will be paved and the final landscaping installed. They are estimating 1-2 months.

We had 3 cars stolen in Grand Palms (Encino and Santa Barbara) recently and multiple car break-ins. Please leave your front home lights on, empty your car, and lock your car doors. Be vigilant and dial 911 for any suspicious activity. Security has given all the information to the police and an investigation is ongoing. In the meantime, the security rover, as well as PPPD, will increase the frequency of drive around.

2 thoughts on “Grand Palms HOA Directors Meeting Report Feb 17, 2021

  1. Peter Betancourt

    With the exception of Trucks, Vans and certain SUV’s, homes in the Wilshire section can accommodate and have very nice 2 car garages. Folks have a tendency to use their garages for storage which can lead into a build up of unnecessary clutter over the years. I understand other folks using half their garage as a personal tool shop. But if we are not using the garages for storage and hobbies, by keeping our vehicles in the garage, it creates a strong deterrent to car theft, and maintains the value of your automobile by it being protected from the elements. A nice car or cars parked in your driveway, can be a big lure to a car thief late at night. Additionally, an open air driveway is a great enhancer to the curb appeal of any home. No home or auto is 100% protected from theft or vandalism, but by taking the steps mentioned it decreases the chances of it happening to you.


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