Author: Sergio Brandao Filho

City of PPines update – hedges cannot be higher than 6 feet.

By April 2021, the City of Pembroke Pines updates the “Lend Development Code”. Residential(a) No fence, wall, or hedge shall be erected or maintained along or adjacent to a lot line on residentially zoned property to a height exceeding six feet in any yard; except that where the lot line is adjacent to non-residential use, […]

Bulk Pick Up

The Garbage bulk pick-up situation is a City-wide issue, and it is an ongoing problem that Angelo Castillo is aware of and is addressing. It is not a Miami Management contract issue, although they are intervening on our behalf. All calls concerning bulk pick-up should be directed to City Hall or Check the GPHOA app […]

PP City Community Budget Meeting.

Homeowners Associations in the City of Pembroke Pines, FL. Homeowners’ Associations and residents are cordially invited to the City of Pembroke Pines City Community Budget Meeting. The City of Pembroke Pines is holding a City Community Budget Meeting to receive input from residents.  All Pembroke Pines residents are invited to share their community budget priorities, […]